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The idea for elevin emerged out of a realization that the majority of online boutiques and retailers inherently fail to serve minority customers. Sometimes this is due to a lack of product assortment (colors, cuts, influence) diverse enough to attract minorities. Sometimes it's because the large majority of models in e-commerce tend to be Caucasian and with relatively homogenous figures and features. Sometimes, it's just that these boutiques don't go out of their way to source from minority vendors.

Our name comes from Martin Luther King's quote that 'the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning.' We believe this is true not only in church, but across disciplines, and including commerce, and not always intentionally.

Whatever the reasons, we see an opportunity to go out of our way to serve a rapidly growing and heterogenous demographic:melanin-gifted people. This group is quickly growing its online and offline presence, and increasingly embracing driving the ideal of diversity across the United States and other western nations.

We want to celebrate all of the color out there in the form of these melanin-gifted people. We want to give people an opportunity to purchase products made by them, for them, or at the very least, sold to them. From African inspired to Indian inspired to South Asian inspired fashion and beyond - elevin aims to bring forth all that is out there and remove current limitations existing in the work of fashion.

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  • Jay on

    I am working on a textile diploma project about organic african fabrics, where/how ca I find out more?

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